PaperBoat Creations | Thisbe Oil
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Thisbe Oil

Thisbe, Voiotia, GREECE


February 10, 2014

Branding, Logo Design
About This Project

Thisbe Oil is a brand specializing in 100% organic extra virgin olive oil products from Greece. Their mission is to broaden the recognition and consumption of its products to North America, emphasizing the product’s richness in flavor, and its benefits to personal health.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s sacred tree of abundance – the olive tree,  our proposal consists of a clean and modern logotype that communicates the brand’s premium value. Since the brand’s primary product is olive oil, we chose the olive for the main symbol and a play on the word Thisbe by separating it to sound like “this be oil”.  The idea of the symbol came from the letter “theta” (Θ) the first letter of the word Thisbe – and transformed to represent a black olive & oil drop.